Archie Proudfoot




Working onto preexisting glass for either a business premises or a private residence is area of my work that I really enjoy. The reflective brilliance of reverse-glass gilding adds a lustre that can't be replicated.

This type of work is usually functional, businesses use it either to promote a product or service and residences use it to let the postman know where to go. However glass gilding is all about elevating the functional.

Depending on what you want to communicate the design and execution can range from simple and classic up to something much more elaborate and playful. Whatever that is there are few more beautifully embellished ways of saying it than with 23 carat gold. 




This type of work is about creating something from scratch to hang on a wall in either a home or an office. 

I work together with clients to produce designs based around words or phrases they want immortalised in glass and gold. 

These pieces are ultimately more decorative than functional, and work best when they are closest to my personal work in style and tone.