Archie Proudfoot


How the first collection was made

The "BE" "UP" and "ON" shirts are the final product of a multi stage process. From their beginnings as sketches each t-shirt goes through a printing, cutting and sewing stage to arrive at the finished product. It took a bit of time to develop a means of production that could deliver a consistent level of quality, so I thought it would be good idea to share with you the details of each stage. Here's run down of process.

Firstly, I fleshed out the idea, trying out a few different two letter words, colour relationships and fabrics. With the aim of finding the right balance of combinations that would give the designs to best look. Here are a few of those sketches:



I felt IF and IT looked a bit weaker graphically so I dropped them and went with BE, UP and ON (the NO was an ON that I absentmindedly painted upside down). The next step was to send off the final designs and their colour combinations to the screenprinters in North London and heres what I got back from them:


Then it was off to the laser-cutting service to get the letters cut for each shirt. By using a laser-cutter rather than a employing a professional pattern cutter there would be absolute consistency in the cuts which would ensure they would match up to the dimensions of the letter shadows that had already been screenprinted.


Next, each pair of letters was carefully ironed on to t-shirts (they were cut with an iron-on backing already in place).


Finally, all of the t-shirts were sent off to professional machinist who applied a top-stitch around the ironed-on letters to permanently fix them in place and give them a crisp finish.


Leaving us with the final product!