Archie Proudfoot



To celebrate the 20th anniversary of the release of the iconic Audi TT I was one of five artists asked to create a ‘portrait’ of the car that would encompass the spirit of the original design. This two panel reverse-glass piece was my response.

The client wanted the production process of the artwork to be self-filmed to promote the project on social media. The above film detailing the various processes that went into making the final artwork was all shot and edited by myself.

The designers of the original car were heavily influenced by the Bauhaus movement so I tried to incorporate as much graphic simplicity into the design as possible. I reworked a side profile technical drawing of the TT for the top panel, designing a full set of Bauhaus inspired numerals for the dimensions. The ‘TT’ badge was given a Herbert Bayer-esque makeover for the lower panel.


A key part of the project was a collaboration with the followers of Audi UK’s twitter page. I was asked to provide four different options for an aspect of the artwork’s design, their followers then voted on their favourite one for me to create.

The four mockups below show the different options that the Twitter users were presented with.

All of the final five artworks were posted on the Audi UK Twitter page and users were asked to vote on their favourite to become the official 20th Anniversary portrait of the TT.